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The Dwindling Dispute (film)  (2015)
kloetzel&co.'s new site-adaptive work based on Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass is made into a dance film.
To view the film: The Dwindling Dispute (the film)

TESTament (2014)
Kloetzel and Deanne Walsh's reading of Pussy Riot, nursery rhymes, and the Hail Mary. 
To view excerpts: TESTament

Pilgrimage (2014)
kloetzel&co.'s popular Pilgrimage based on Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.
To view excerpts: Pilgrimage

Twice Told (2014)
A dance theatre work based on A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Music composed by Carmen Braden.
To view excerpts: Twice Told

The Alice Odyssey (an excerpt)  (2013)
An excerpt from The Alice Odyssey set in beautiful Withrow Park. To hear an interview by Kloetzel regarding this work on CUIT FM (forward to 5:20 on clip):  CUIT Interview

Tragedy, a sequel  (2012)
A dance theatre work based on Euripides' The Trojan Women. 
To view
excerpts:  Tragedy, a sequel

 The Sanitastics (2011)
kloetzel&co.'s sci-fi dance film set in the Calgary Skyway System.
To view the film: The Sanitastics

Icarus Refried (2011)
kloetzel&co. and clarinetist John Masserini's evening-length production of Icarus Refried.
To view the documentary:
  Icarus Refried: A Pro-Creative Process

The Dwindling Dispute (stage)  (2011)
An absurd duet, based on the Red Queen/White Queen dialogue from Through the Looking Glass.
To view excerpts: The Dwindling Dispute

The Alice Odyssey (2011)
 The sold-out The Alice OdysseyThink you know what's down the rabbit hole? Think again.
To view exercpts:  The Alice Odyssey

Custard, Dream of Chicken (2009)
Excerpts from a solo work from Icarus Fried (the evening).
To view exercerpts:  Custard, Dream of Chicken

Icarus Fried – A Film (2007)
The film version of Icarus Fried, created at the Frazier Egg Farm in Pocatello, ID. A collaboration between clarinetist John Masserini, filmmaker Jeff Curtis, and kloetzel&co.
To view the film: Icarus Fried (the film)

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   Icarus Refried                                            Icarus Fried (the film)


twice told
Twice Told


The Alice Odyssey

The Sanitastics